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This computer has been designated for recycling, but you take a peek at the files before you toss it in the scrap pile. There's just one file on the drive, an archive labeled "contact.zip". It looks like nonsense, but you have a gut feeling that there's a mystery here just waiting to be solved.

contact.zip was made for the 2021 AdvXJam (theme: "contact"). Originally, the game was meant to be far bigger and more complex, but because the jam came at an exceptionally busy time for me this year, I was only able to devote a few days to putting it together and it had to be simplified. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it.


  • Some of the files you will encounter are password-protected. The passwords can be found by solving the puzzles hidden in the files. If you use other methods to bypass this security, you will miss part of the game.
  • Make sure not to move the files/folder after you unzip the archive. Doing so will alter some of the file data and make the game far more difficult to complete.
  • This is a difficult game, so I have included a hint file. Do not be afraid to use it if you get really stuck. There are general hints at the top of the file, and specific hints for finding the passwords if you scroll down a ways.

If you enjoy logic puzzles and narrative games, please check out my other games here on itch.io as well as my Minecraft escape room maps (the second one is in production now). If you'd like to support me so I can devote more time to making weird little puzzly things, check out my Patreon, or just share my work with your friends and followers. A little word of mouth goes a long way. Check out my Linktree for more stuff from me.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This game contains references to sensitive topics relating to current events. Please consult the CA.txt file for a full list.

ACCESSIBILITY INFO: Due to the extremely short time I had to make this game I was unable to make it as accessible as I try to make all my games. In order to complete the game it will be necessary to see images and read a lot of text. The text should all be compatible with screen readers but unfortunately the images are not. Although there is audio in the game, it is not necessary to complete the game. If this game is not accessible to you, please reach out and I will find a way to fix that! 

DISCLAIMER: This game is a work of fiction set in the future. Although some portions were inspired by real current events, there are no specific references intended to real life particular individuals or events.

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AuthorSecret Foxfire
Tagsarg, drama, Sci-fi


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Hey Ari, thank you for Contact.zip and for joining (and helping) us when we played it on stream! 🥰 I wrote short descriptions of all the submissions for our blog, let me just add this here:

This game definitely stands out among all the submissions, as it is the only game that is played in your file management system and does not include an actual app! On a soon-to-be recycled computer, you find a few remaining files labeled “contact.zip”, and they hide a mystery…

Thank you, SecretFoxFire, for showing that you don’t have to be a programmer to make a great game! Everyone can do so, with a great idea and the creativity and ambition to implement it. This also serves to diversify the selection of games! Sadly, we didn’t have nearly enough time to finish this, but it’s a great contender for its own stream!


Thanks so much for playing it! Watching your eyes light up as you made the first few discoveries was the most satisfying thing ever. 😍 Please do let me know if you are going to stream it again so I can try to be there!

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